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The Showtime Kick

by Karate Combat • 2023. Dec 13

KC43 showcases two former UFC Champions as Anthony Pettis takes on Benson Henderson as over a decade of bad blood is settled inside the pit.

Witness the epic battle between two former UFC Champions as Benson Henderson gets his opportunity to get vengeance for the ShowTime Kick as he battles in the pit against Anthony Pettis, in Vegas on December 15th. 

The "Showtime Kick" refers to a memorable and agile move executed by former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis during his fight against Benson Henderson at WEC 53 on December 16, 2010. 

In the fifth and final round of their title fight, Pettis found himself against the cage and, with just a minute left, he ran up the side of the cage, pushed off with his right foot, and delivered a powerful head kick to Benson Henderson. The kick landed flush and showcased not only Pettis' athleticism but also his creativity and willingness to take risks. It will be interesting to see how Pettis uses the Karate Combat pit to his advantage.

The Showtime Kick played a significant role in Pettis winning the fight via unanimous decision and helped to establish his reputation as an exciting and dynamic fighter. The Showtime Kick remains one of the most iconic moments in MMA history.

We can’t forget Benson Henderson, who is known for his versatile skill set in mixed martial arts, and while he is not particularly associated with a specific signature move like some fighters, he has employed calf kicks in his fights.

A calf kick involves striking the lower part of an opponent's leg, specifically targeting the calf muscle. This technique is used to disrupt an opponent's movement, balance, and overall mobility. Calf kicks have become more prevalent as fighters recognize their effectiveness in slowing down their opponents and potentially causing damage to the leg.

Karate Combat’s rule for low kicks is that only calf kicks are allowed, offering Henderson an advantage.

Witness this rematch Karate Combat 43 on December 15th in Las Vegas.

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