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KC42 History in The Making

Who will be Crowned the Queen of Karate?
by Mac Tyson • 2023. Nov 02

History will be made at KC42 as it will feature the first trilogy fight in Karate Combat history AND the first female champion will be crowned. 

The fight for the inaugural Strawweight World Title will feature Sthefanie Oliveira and Christina Kavakopoulou in a battle for glory and the chance to etch their names in the annals of Karate Combat history.


“I want to bring more female fighters to the sport, I want to make Martial Arts more approachable for females”-Christina Kavakopoulou 

Christina Kavakopoulou is the #2 P4P Female Karate Combat Fighter in the world. For many she’s already the uncrowned Queen of the Strawweight Division. Now 3-0 in Karate Combat she hopes to finally get her crown and use it to inspire future female fighters. But what kind of fighting style does Christina bring to the Pit?

Kavakopoulou was a very successful competitor in Olympic Karate (competing in both Kumite and Kata). She’s a very big advocate of Kata (Forms) training saying the stability and power generation Kata teaches transfers over well to full contact. Even in Kumite (Point Sparring) competitions she said that Kata competitors who also competed in Kumite were the most feared, since they often hit harder than their opponents. 

For Karate Combat she describes her ideal style as a mix of Kickboxing fundamentals and the Bunkai (Practical Application) of Kata. Even if it’s something simple as using a Shuto Uke (Knife Hand “Block”) as a frame in the clinch. She will also use her Kumite background for fighting but more in ways to gauge distance as well as close the distance on her opponent. Overall, Christina is a very aggressive Karateka who likes to put the pressure on her opponents.

The Shamaness

“I know my opponent is very aggressive like me. But I want to see if she will continue advancing in the pit after I connect my first punch” -Sthefanie Oliveira

Looking to spoil Christina’s coronation is the Shamaness. Sthefanie Oliveira received the nickname The Shamaness when a vision she had correctly predicted her KO win over Fabiola Esquivel. But to say it was just fate that decided her victory would be undercutting her hard work and experience. 

After a successful Point Karate career on the regional level, Sthefanie wanted to test her Karate. Boasting a record of 4-1 in MMA and 8-2 in Kickboxing, Sthefanie is no stranger to Full Contact. For her, she competes in Full Contact to make her Karate better. Put simply, she doesn’t play Karate. 

She may have only 1 fight in the Pit but her team the Pitbull Bros know what it takes to earn a Karate Combat World Championship. She will be well prepared, but will her opponent’s experience be too much for her? Or will she add another KO win to the PIt to secure a spot in Karate Combat History? Only one way to find out, tune in on November 3rd to not miss this amazing bout!